Founded in 1955, we are in our 6th decade of steady, profitable operation, with a clear and single focus:

Marketing for financial services companies is our core business, not just an account group category.

Our broad and deep background in financial services marketing enables us to work with you as a true marketing partner, not a “vendor.” We are typically involved with all aspects of marketing, from strategic planning through every step of creative development and implementation.

Business philosophy: focus on helping our clients improve their bottom lines – knowing our success will follow from theirs.

Service philosophy: do whatever it takes to help our clients get and keep profitable business; add value at each of the thousands of small decision points that collectively lead to maximum results and cost efficiency.

Creative philosophy: quickly and clearly communicate key benefits to the buyer; we are interested in getting results for our clients, not awards for ourselves.

Zeis Group is able to integrate with our internal processes, making them very easy to work with – with minimal direction. I continue to sing Zeis Group's praises to anyone interested in listening.

Shannon Warner as affinity business Assistant Vice President, AIG Benefit Solutions